Branding your van

The branding of commercial vans is crucial for any company. While they’re on the road most of the day, vans should present the right image for your business, and display high levels of quality. Potential customers will see your van and may take your number if it conveys good quality. Van branding is also the easiest and cheapest form of advertising so it’s well worth taking the time and effort to get it right. Charlie Mullins from Pimlico Plumbers says his recognisable vans are his biggest advertising tool, helping to bring in a lot of new business.

Think about every detail when branding your van, from logos and fonts to colours and sizes. Angus Elphinstone from White Van Gentlemen stresses the importance of using colours that stand out, and large fonts for the lettering and numbers; an illegible phone number is no use to anyone. Luton vans are ideal for sign writing because of their large surface area, although transit vans can also be effectively sign written, despite their smaller and less even surface.

The most common way of sign writing a van is to use vinyl because it’s possible to remove if the van is sold or if its purpose changes. This can be done in a similar fashion to removing wallpaper, by using heat. If hiring a van on a long lease or hire purchasing a van, the hire company will only allow you to use vinyl for this reason.

Pimlico Plumbers vans are highly recognisable on the road. Aside from their bold and polished signage, their number plates really help them stand out from the crowd. Out of a fleet of about 145 vans, 90 have personalised plumber-related number plates, with names including: W4TER, BOG 1, and DRA 1N. These distinct plates are great advertising tools, explains Charlie: “Some customers even ask for specific plumbers by their number plate.” Personalising number plates is however not cheap, and can cost anything from £200 to £50,000. For small businesses starting up this may not be an option as money is often tight, however, once finances improve, it could be worth looking into to enhance your brand and reputation.

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