What type of van is Best for a electrician or plumber

Like with all trades, electricians and plumbers need to be able to transport essential tools and equipment, but what type of van is Best for a electrician or plumber?

The Ford Transit, short wheelbase (SWB), low roof van is the smallest van that carries 8 x 4 (2440 x 1220 mm) long pipes, making it ideal for plasterers. SWB vans are perfect for making multi-drops without having to compromise on load capacity. This van is also suitable for builders as it will carry 1 tonne of anything.

The Transit offers an array of innovative technologies and intelligent features to improve your driving experience, including Bluetooth with voice control, satellite navigation and rain-sensing wipers.

Keeping cargo safe is vital for builders and plasterers which is why the Ford Transit is equipped with an impressive range of security measures including:

• Slam locking, which locks the cargo door immediately when a door is closed

• High-security shielded locks with strengthened mountings and the unique lock-in-latch system to prevent door lock tampering and unauthorised access

• Torque slip’ anti-theft steering wheel

• Passive Anti-Theft System (PATS) that disables the engine when your key is removed from the ignition and will only prime the engine when it recognises your uniquely coded key

As a electrician or plumber your van may well cover a high mileage every year which means servicing, maintenance and repair costs are an important issue. Ford has designed the Transit van with cost of ownership in mind; a new range of improved engines provide lower fuel consumption and comprehensive safety and security systems result in competitive insurance ratings.

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